“The instructors have an amazing way of teaching without coddling or being harsh. They respect the students, acknowledge their difficulties, and encourage improvement withcalm enthusiasm.” 


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Greenlake Martial Arts Staff 

All staff at Greenlake Martial Arts are committed martial artists looking to make a positive impact for our community. At minimum, each staff member working with kids is first aid certified, has been prescreened by a standard background check, and has a passion for working with children. We are a vibrant creative group that brings a variety of experience to enrich kids’ lives through martial arts. Learn more about the staff and instructors here.

After School Program 

for Ages 6–14


Join Greenlake Martial Arts for a dynamic after school program filled with opportunities to enrich your child’s life with martial arts and fun games that help with focus and awareness while stimulating intellectual curiosity. The format of the program begins with your child meeting at a designated spot directly in front of their school and checking in with our staff. Students will then be lead by our staff to Greenlake Martial Arts School. We’ll start by having a quick healthy snack (parent provided), followed by engaging in a short adventure walk in Green Lake park where students will engage their brains and bodies right from the start through fun games and activities. 


Why the adventure walk? Stanford University and other institutions have recently conducted studies on walking to improve creativity and learning with results showing a positive impact.  And after a long school day, it also gives kids that extra time needed to have a good release from spending time sitting down in a classroom environment.  


Once we arrive at Greenlake Martial Arts, students will take a few minutes to prepare for martial arts class. The training will take us to the end of the day where parents will pick up their kids at the end of class.   


Providing this layered instruction allows the kids to develop self-discipline, become mentally and physically self-reliant and confident, while developing a positive attitude about themselves and their future. The training helps them to grow up safely.


Last pick up will be at 6:00 pm to offer sufficient time to commute and pick up your child. Our schedule will match the Seattle Public School calendar including all closures and holidays.


Benefits for Your Child

Martial arts can produce some of the most beneficial habits and training a child can have. There are few things, if any, that are likely to instill a positive attitude, self discipline and future success habits than that of a good martial arts school.


Benefits of martial arts training often include:

  • Self-defense knowledge and skills 

  • Increased consideration of others

  • Self-discipline and follow through on goals

  • Greater physical coordination and flexibility

  • Increased mindfulness and stressmanagement skills 


Benefits for Parents

Parents will likely start seeing a positive change in their child’s attention, focus and self-discipline as consistent training becomes a regular part of a child’s weekly routine. Have peace of mind that not only is your child in good hands, but that they are learning valuable life skills to become more confident and self-reliant human beings.


Program Information

Transportation will be provided from the following schools: Daniel Bagley Elementary, Greenlake Elementary, NorthWest Montessori, Hazel Wolf K-8


  • The 2016 Spring Session runs from April 4th–June 24th and follows the Seattle Public School schedule.

  • Pick up time for all students is 6:00pm at Greenlake Martial Arts Studio. All parents must sign out their children at the end of each day. There will be a sign out sheet available at the front desk. 

  • Students should bring the shoes, clothing, and gear that they need for class with them each day.

Evolution of martial art and strength in movement.