Evolution of martial art and strength in movement.

$199/month for the first 3 months

bag gloves and focus mitts, martial arts
kettle bells, strength in movement
Optimal Human Performance
Do You Want To Be Stronger?  

Stronger in the way you push yourself.  Stronger in your capabilities to protect yourself and those you care about.  Stronger in your mental fortitude. Stronger in your movement.


Is Your Mantra... 
  • I will wake up knowing that I am making myself better today

  • I want to be healthier, more powerful, more dedicated, more capable  

  • I want to be optimal


Becoming Optimal:  A Better You

Combined Martial Arts and Strength training can offer some of

the most tangible life benefits available.  Welcome to the program that delivers it.  Introducing the new Optimal Membership at Greenlake Martial Arts.   


We have combined the Evolution of Martial Art and Strength in Movement:

A total mind and body training regimen designed to help you achieve your Optimal Human Performance.    


The Optimal Membership

    • Greenlake Martial Arts has been providing the absolute best in martial arts since 1980.  Our 35 years of top-tier instruction has been crafted to offer members a safe and exceptionally result producing training environment.  


    • Jason McWalter of MCW Fitness will guide you in small group fitness sessions utilizing the best possible functional strength equipment and strategies to help you achieve outstanding fitness results.  Learn more about Jason and his methodology at www.mcwfit.com.  

  • Flexible scheduling:  we offer multiple classes for martial arts and strength training weekly so you have multiple options  when determining your training schedule.

  • Member support, lifestyle coaching access, nutrition resources, meditation protocols

  • Cost is just $199 +tax/mo for the first 3 months (3 mo commitment required).  Want extended benefits? Contact us for all membership options.

Consistent Training Offers The Following Benefits:  

Mind: Greater Self Confidence and Awareness, Better Emotional and Mental Control, Increased Self Discipline and Assertiveness, Improved Cognitive Function and Mental Clarity.  

Body: Increased Functional Strength and Physical Fitness, Better Hormone Balance, Improved Cardiovascular Function, Better Sleep, Stronger Bone Density, Weight Management, Fast and Slow Twitch Muscle Development and Improvement for Greater Athletic Performance.