Head Instructor Matthew Soule

Matthew Soule is the Head Instructor of Greenlake Martial Arts and a certified instructor of Tsun Jo® under Sijo John N Beall. A martial artist dedicated to learning and evolving, Matthew actively cross trains in various styles and since 2010 has primarily focused on No-gi Jiu Jitsu,  a type of submission grappling that compliments his skills in Tsun Jo®. His background includes having trained in a variety of styles, both traditional and modern, as well as wrestling and Judo. He brings careful insight to each student, paying close attention to maximize results. He leads many Adult, Teen and Youth classes weekly.

Founder of Tsun Jo®,  Sijo John N Beall  

Sijo John N. Beall is the Founder and System Director for the Tsun Jo® organization. He has been training in martial arts for nearly 40 years and has been actively teaching his art since 1980. He has been involved in writing books and producing instructional videos of Tsun Jo®. He is also a successful inventor with several US patents of which some are martial arts training devices. Prior to the development of his own system, Sijo John Beall trained in a variety of fighting methods including Karate, Boxing, Judo and modern Wing Chun methods. Circumstances of his early environment also provided him with a background in street fighting. Other influences in the development of his art were two teachers, Ed Hart and James DeMile. Both of these men were Boxers, Ed Hart was a Judoka, and both were trained by Bruce Lee. Sijo John Beall currently teaches the Wednesday night advanced class. In addition, he regularly teaches private lessons as well as seminars at the Seattle school or at his studio in Arlington, WA. Contact Sijo - Email

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