Tsun Jo - High Intesity Training (HIT)

This is an accelerated track where the student applies for the intensive program.   This is available to any student upon the completion of white sash interested in an intensive training regime and / or students interested in applying for the Instructor’s Program.   Min. age requirement is 18 yrs old.  


If the student is interested in applying for the Instructor’s Program then he or she must attend at least one ITT/IPP series prior to application.  The student makes a clear commitment and is continually evaluated throughout the course of training.   


This is a highly intensive training regime, a 10 - 12 week program which includes 2 - 4 times small group training per week.  Classes are 30 minutes with others on the same track and include 1, 30 min private lesson per series with homework included. 


1st session:

January 13th - April 5th (12 weeks)


2nd session:

 April 7th - June 14th (10 weeks) - includes private lesson


3rd session:  

July 7th - Sept 27th (12 weeks) 


4th session:  

Oct. 6th - Dec. 20th (10 weeks, break for Thkgvg) - includes private lesson